Friday, 10 March 2017

Topaz Eyes is featured today!

Friday Fun! 

Topaz Eyes, my contemporary romantic mystery is featured on Just Kindle Books today, Friday 10th March 2017.

I haven't  tried this site before for marketing my novels so I'll be keen to see if there's any movement of Topaz Eyes on

If you haven't yet read Topaz Eyes but love a deep mystery that has yet another mystery to solve just when you think you've cracked it then you can grab a copy on the Amazon US site for only $2.45 or £1.99 on the UK site. Other Amazon domains have it at an equivalent of £1,99.

If you've been to #Amsterdam or #Vienna or #Heidelberg or even #Edinburgh you'll love the descriptions of these cities as my characters move around the world to find the Tiru Salana emerald collection that was once in the hands of Geertje Hoogeven, a member of an Amsterdam 'jewellery store' family in the 1880s.

Other locations in Minnesota and the US also feature as my main characters Teun Zeger and Keira Drummond avoid the nastiest of the cousins who are also seeking the long lost 'family jewels'.

Just click the link HERE if you fancy an engrossing weekend read.


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